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The Story Behind The Brand

A Letter From our Founder

Hi I'm Monika - founder of La Révolu.

I am a very creative person, I love to sketch and always dreamed about working in fashion. Before launching La Révolu I used to work in software and digital product design.

Even though it was scary in 2021 I quit my tech career to focus on my passion full time.
I had the vision to create a brand that I didn’t compromise on quality, design or the ethical aspect of the clothing.

So I have spent all this time on research into the latest sustainability practices and materials. As well as, pattern development and production.

The concept behind LR is creating high-quality pieces that are adaptable, yet have a slight edge and are still timeless. We want to empower the woman wearing La Révolu & make her feel strong, sexy, and comfortable at the same time.

In my previous career, I focused a lot on ‘user experience’ which is a big part of my design process at LR. I find that a woman’s body fluctuates in size throughout the year and I think our clothing should reflect that.

After all, clothing is meant to fit you, not the other way around.

As this is just the beginning of this journey I am still finding my aesthetic and I have so many design ideas ready to be released into the world. Our first capsule collection focuses on timeless pieces that can be perfectly combined into many different outfits and can be slightly adapted, as you go through change. In the future, I want to incorporate a lot more prints and colors. However, purposely our collections are small and limited because they take a long time for us to create as we consider every detail.

This journey wasn’t easy as there is a lot of misinformation and greenwashing out there, and even though I was always very conscious about certain choices I make I was shocked by some of the things I learned.
We take sustainably sourcing fabrics, details, and packaging very seriously. 99% of our collection is plastic-free - everything except for the shoulder pads used in our Edita Blazers, simply because the biodegradable version available in the market is itself in the research & development phase and we didn't want to compromise on the design quality.

We produce La Révolu at a small atelier located in Vilnius Lithuania. It is run by Inga our chief artisan and tech designer. La Révolu truly wouldn’t be possible without her and her years of experience in tech design, which she learned from her mother. The company was founded in 1990 by her parents in two aspects sewing and selling sewing equipment. Together with her brother and husband, they took over the business 5 years ago and have been focusing on the different business aspects ever since.

As I myself am based in Vienna, Austria other aspects of production and logistics are handled mostly by Emilija, my middle sister, and Greta, our youngest sister, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Who have both been on board since day 1, all it took was a short phone call about the vision. I don’t know where LR would be without their support.

And then there’s you, the simple fact that you are reading this page means that to some extent you see our vision too. Thank you for taking the time to read our story, by supporting LR you are supporting a dream.

La Révolu is a work in progress, we are not perfect, and there are still areas in which we can grow but I can guarantee that we will only get better. I am proud to see how far we’ve come, I have put my soul into this brand and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Emilija, Monika & Greta. (Picture forefront, from left to right.)